Conference Information

IC-IETM 2021 brings together leading academic scientists, researchers and figures of industry to exchange and share experiences, and research results about several aspects of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management. This year the special emphasis of the conference is ‘how industrial engineering and technology management disciplines could help in addressing the challenges faced during epidemics and disasters’. As supply chains are disrupted, organizations are already struggling meeting the demand, and many companies in various industries are on the edge of stopping manufacturing due to lack of parts and raw materials. Under these circumstances, it is crucial to recognize the tools and methods industrial engineering and technology management disciplines provide to better deal with the epidemic, not only for manufacturing sector but also for healthcare, logistics, and public safety, etc. Quality control, operations research, simulation modeling, forecasting, manufacturing, production planning, and ergonomics are some key areas that industrial engineering can offer significant aid, while risk management, quality management, and cost management are some key areas that technology management could help in efforts to minimize the risks of the impacts of the epidemics and disasters.

Recognizing the rising importance of industrial engineering and technology management even further under the current circumstances of hardening supply chains due to the Corona Epidemic, International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Technology Management (IC-IETM) 2020 is being organized on a special theme, which is: “Industrial Engineering and Technology Management Collaboration to Address Global Challenges during Outbreaks and Disasters”


Abstract Submission Deadline:                         May 17, 2021
Full Paper (optional) Submission Deadline:    May 30, 2021
Conference Dates:                                             May 22-23, 2021

Conference Proceedings Publishing:                June 11, 2021